Making Photos Last

Those photos you love will only last as long as you take care of them.

In the old days, photographers worried about keeping track of their pictures and how long they would last. Both film and prints deteriorate over time. With digital that’s no longer a worry – digital files can last forever, since they’re just numbers. The trick is keeping track of them and making new copies as storage technology changes.
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Teaching Photography

Some of the workshop gang in Oregon this past June.

Just wrote a story about teaching photography, and what an education that’s been for me too.
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Learning DSLR video


Last weekend I was in Lake Tahoe to teach another Popular Photography Mentor Series workshop. This one had a bit of a twist to it – we were going to teach video too. The Nikon D90 was the first DSLR to offer video, and now it’s a given that any new DSLR will have that capability. And that can be quite impressive. TV shows, commercials, music videos and movies are all being shot on DSLRs today. And I’ve been shooting video with them since the start too. But this was the first workshop I’ve taught where that was part of the schedule.
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Nikon D3200

Graffiti on a bridge over the Chicago River.

Nikon made a big splash a while back with the announcement of a new entry-level DSLR, the D3200. The biggest news about it was that they were packing 24 million pixels (24MP) onto a DX sized-sensor. And, at $699, it would be the highest resolution camera in their current line-up, behind the D800 (which costs around $3000). And, more resolution than their current flagship, the D4 (16MP).
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Resuscitating Old Photos

The color shift this picture has undergone over the years ruins an otherwise nice portrait.

Copying my old family pictures reminded me of a photo restoration I did for a friend. They can be surprisingly easy to do with the right tools, and many old photos need this sort of help. Especially if you want to make a nice print from one.
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Shoeboxes of History

Sorting through old family photos, shoebox included!

As the photographer in the family, I’m expected to deal with all things involving pictures. Which had me going through thousands of old photos last week.
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Little Camera, Big Lens

Nikon V1 with a whole lot of lens mounted on it.

One thing I love about digital photography is how our opportunities to be creative have grown. For instance, there’s a fairly new category of cameras now, called either CSC (compact system cameras) or ILC (interchangeable lens compacts). They have larger sensors than point-and-shoot cameras (meaning better image quality) and interchangeable lenses (meaning better optics). So we can get better pictures from small cameras. But there are other ways to look at them as well.
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My Facebook page.

I've never been a Facebook user. My wife's been on it for several years, and it's been a great way for her to stay in touch with all of our friends. But I haven't wanted the make the commitment. These days I'm singing a different tune, though, because I found a way to use Facebook to fill a void.
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Loving the D800

Machu Picchu at 2000 ISO, f/11, 1/1600 second.

I’ve had a D800 for about a month now, and I’ve got to say, I’m loving it. As a lifelong Nikon shooter, I expected the camera to be good. But I also figured that with such high resolution (36MP) it would be slow to shoot, not good at high ISOs, have to work on a tripod or use high shutter speeds (to avoid seeing motion blur from hand-holding the camera) and that the file sizes would kill me.
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New Favorite Lens

Child on the reed islands of Uros, Peru. Nikon D800, 50mm 1.8 lens, 1/1600 at f/1.8, 1/1600, ISO 100. Photo copyright Reed Hoffmann.

I recently started using a different type of lens, which meant a number of good things for my photography. But first a little history…
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