Mastering Travel Itineraries

Ever had someone tell you about some great new thing, and you promptly forgot about it? That's what happened with me and Tripit. Then about a year later I heard about it again, and wow, what a wasted year!

If you do any travel at all you know what a hassle it is keeping track of all the reservations. Air, car, hotel – you make them through different websites, get confirmation emails and then end up making a bunch of printouts and trying to remember where you put them. There’s got to be a better way. There is, and it’s called Tripit. takes the hassle out of managing travel plans. You simply set up an account (it’s free) and then forward all your confirmation emails to Tripit. The site then organizes it all by stripping out formatting, pulling dates, confirmations, addresses and phone numbers and putting them all together again, day by day. You can then access it through their site or through any phone with a web browser. If you’ve got an iPhone there’s an app for it.

It’s made my travel much easier since I started using it. And after all, isn’t that what technology’s supposed to do? Make life better? Tthis is one site that lives up to that promise.

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