Nature Photography Seminars

Do you love to shoot nature photography? I know that I love to travel and get up before sunrise to shoot a cool landscape or the dew on a flower. It's a great way for me to shoot things I normally don't cover, but there are guys out there that do it everyday that are exceptional at their craft. One of those is Daniel J. Cox.

I met Dan a few years back and was really impressed with his message of preserving nature, and how he went about shooting in the wild.

If you want to spend a really inspiring day, Dan is currently embarked on a nature photography tour in 16 cities around the country. His all day seminar spends half the day talking digital technology, and the other half how to be a successful nature photographer, including packing and prepping for trips, and how to shoot in extreme conditions.

You can register for his seminar at

I just want to go on a photo trip with him now!

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