Reality TV becomes reality…

When super producer Mark Burnett asked me to shoot his new reality TV show, The Contender, I viewed it with a bit of trepidation. Who will watch a show about boxers. I kinda thought that too when he told me of The Apprentice. Survivor in the boardroom, but who would like Trump! Boy was I wrong.

This past weekend I shot a sanctioned series of fights in Los Angeles for Burnett of the winners of The Contender TV show. This time, a real fight, at the Staples Center, live on ESPN.

This reality show we had so much fun doing, was know a fight where I had to shoot alongside Getty and the AP. We were outside the tight, secretive confines of the gymnasium or the Apprentice boardroom. It was the crossing over of reality tv to mainstream event. It was very surreal!

But I had fun, getting back to my roots as a sports photographer, and using the Nikon D2X to just shoot like crazy. Thank God for 4 GB flash cards and my powerbook at ringside. Its easy to power through a couple hundred frames in a couple of rounds.

The D2X performed as well as any camera I have ever used. Fast and the focus outstounded me.

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