Path easily visible.

All of us live with things we'd rather not think about. Whether earthquakes, hurricanes, floods or snowstorms, it's easier to just hope they don't happen. Where I live it's tornadoes, and we saw this past week we really do have to think about them.
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Double-duty Lenses

D700, 70-200mm lens.

I led two big photo trips in March and April, to Botswana and Ecuador. Both times I took the same main kit of photo gear. Which means I think I've found the perfect travel combination of cameras, lenses and accessories. A big part of that success is because the lenses behave differently on the different cameras.
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Underwater Wonder

Sea lion.

I've just returned from another trip to the Galapagos Islands of Ecuador, and thanks to a new camera housing from Fantasea, brought home some nice shots from underwater as well as above.
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Learning Video

Vimeo video.

On this last trip to Africa, I shot videos as well as stills, using a Nikon D7000. While I was generally happy with the results, it’s a learning process.
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Out of Africa

Chobe elephants.

Last weekend I returned from leading my third photo safari to Africa. This time it was to Botswana, and once again it was a great trip.
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Beyond Automatic

8 seconds at f/14, 200 ISO.

Most people leave their cameras on Automatic. And if they're happy with the resulting photos, that's fine. If you know me, though, I'm all about taking control of the camera. Doing that, your photos can go beyond just ordinary.
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House of Flying Dogs

Every now and then I set up our living room as a studio for doing some portraits. And each time I do that, my dogs think they should be the subjects.
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Back in the days when I was a newspaper photographer, part of our job was to find "enterprise." That meant looking for feature pictures as we drove between assignments. So when I awoke today to heavy fog, my old newspaper instincts took over.
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Sharing Video

My videos on Vimeo.

Recently I've needed to share not just still images, but videos. And YouTube just wasn't going to do what I wanted. Then I discovered Vimeo.
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Stylized Printing

Created with Nik Silver Efex Pro.

I was down in San Antonio for the Imaging USA Conference earlier this week. With some free time Tuesday morning, I took a walk through the print winners, and was struck by how few "straight" prints there were. Considering the state of the photography business these days, though, I shouldn't have been surprised.
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